Health & Safety

Safe to work, safe to home…

Life is precious. To many it’s a chore, but we view health and safety differently. To us Health and Safety is about looking out for the welfare of those we work with as well as anyone we may come into contact with on our project sites.

Holding Health and Safety in such high regard has helped us to build a reputation for incident free works across major construction projects to minor site maintenance. We continue to use the experience we have gained over three decades to develop and implement safe systems of work whilst remaining at the forefront of the latest legislation.

When undertaking any project, we are pleased to offer an experienced in-house Principal Designer, Construction Phase Health and Safety files which are available for inspection, full site risk assessment with associated safe systems of work, fire, lighting, asbestos and Disability Discrimination Act compliance surveys and updates on legislation changes.

If you’re looking for a partner who can help you achieve incident free works, contact OPEC Plc today to find out more.