Environmental Services

Benefit your business, benefit the planet…

Environmental Building methods benefit the planet, but they are also cost effective as an efficient building is cheaper to run, resulting in reduced running costs over the life cycle of a building. Building with the Environment in mind can also help you satisfy planning restrictions.

We affirm our commitment to low impact building by offering services which can help you reduce your Carbon Footprint and the cost of energy. Our team of experts have unmatched levels of experience and a deep understanding of the Scientific, Regulatory and Economic aspects of Environmental issues.

The Environmental Services we offer include design and installation of energy efficient lighting schemes, energy efficient heating & ventilation, commercial EPCs. energy surveys for commercial buildings, levels 1,2 & 3 asbestos surveys, drain surveys using CCTV cameras, air and water hygiene/quality tests.

Whether you are a Global enterprise, Local Authority or Small Business, we aim to help you achieve Economic Sustainability with an extremely high quality of service whilst keeping the principles of Health and Safety, Planning and Commercial awareness in mind.

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